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Doing sports: the most important information

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Playing sports

Most people prefer to rest at home in the cold winter days, as it requires them to make great efforts to get out in the cold and access the gym, known as the gym, and like many people, we prefer to postpone the subject of fitness to another date due to various arguments specifically in the winter season, although it is preferable to start exercising in the winter season.

Practicing physical activity in general is not only beneficial for body stability, beautiful appearance, and body health, but also has a major role in promoting a stable and healthy psychological state. When exercising in the gym, the body secretes hormones that enhance mood, especially in the cold, dreary, gray days of winter.

Tips when starting to exercise

Here are the most important tips that must be followed when starting to exercise in the gym:

  • Visit the doctor before you start exercising, get an examination and make sure that you do not have any medical restrictions.
  • Consult a qualified fitness trainer before starting any gym and gym training program.
  • Choose good and comfortable sports shoes. Warm up before starting any exercise in the gym.
  • Start slowly, don’t expect immediate results, these are physiological changes that take time.
  • Gradual training to avoid injuries.
  • Ensure that the exercises are distributed logically throughout the week and not focus on several consecutive days.
  • Drink plenty of water, because the body loses fluids during exertion.
  • Adopt new and healthy habits, including healthy eating habits and daily physical activity.
  • Continue to practice physical activity and persevere in it.